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OK, I know it usually isnt a good bet to skimp on gear. For that reason, I wear Shoei's Rf1k. BUT. To a point, what is the cost a reflection of? We all know that Icon is basically a labled version of HJC helmets, yadda yadda....but I have been looking for a jacket for my g/f, and found this brand...EXL. It looks to me to be geared(haha gotta love puns) for cruisers, but I have found plenty of stuff I could def be in. I found overpants (something i need desperately) and also a couple jackets for me too! This basically appears to be an ebay special, and it is all beautifully priced. The have 2 year warranties and 105% return guarantees. I called the company and spoke with a manager, and it is very legitimate. They are VERY generous with everything, and want you to be TOTALLY pleased with what you buy. (I say this so if it doesnt hold up, i dont see why they wouldnt want to help you) Also, their warehouse is like 30 minutes from me, and I'm thinking about stopping by to check some things out, you know for assurance reasons.

Let me get right to it: Their gear looks good, its priced good, and it is described well too. What I am reading sounds like it is B+ in quality, and every discription is pretty thorough. I am attaching a link to a jacket I want, and keep in mind this is the most expensive one they have. Although the other Sport jackets are 69.95...they have similar features. Read about the make-up and CE armor....600D is pretty high...What do you all think, and have you heard anything about them? Thanks all

LOL so here are those links i promised!    :P



Jacket for me:


Jacket for her (ladies...opinions on 'cute-ness'??)


Just few things I noticed reading the description. It is made of a mystery fabric called Maxdura which could be pretty much anything. It also does not have reinforcement patches on the wear spots like knees which could be a bad thing if the base fabric is not heavy duty. You'll need to verify if the stitching type - single, double or triple. Most decent gear is heavily stitched (triple) to help prevent the seams from bursting in a slide. If you can return it if it turns out to be crap might be worth ordering just to see. Hope you post a review.


From what I found on google...Maxdura is a high-density nylon that is anywhere from 200 denier to 1000D. Made in scuba suits, combat rainsuits and high-pressure pump hoses...I will look into the stitching...good call.

If Maxdura is similar to Cordura, 600D is about 1/3 the performance of 1000D or leather.



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