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Owner's Manual

The Owner's manual, in PDF format, is available online from Kawasaki: Official Kawasaki EX500 Owners Manual Website

Service Manuals

There are currently four publishers of service manuals for the 500 including Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Factory Manual
An on-line company, Cyclepedia, is offering an online service manual by subscription. It is a more recent offering than the Haynes or Clymers manuals and contains detailed color pictures, compared to the rudimentary black and white pictures in the printed manuals. The digital format also allows for linking of related procedures, so no page flipping from section to section is required, and the publisher can provide instant updates as required. One caveat is you will need to either print the procedure you require or have a computer in your work area. Coverage of first generation bikes, pre 1994 bikes, is more limited than the other manuals because of it's more recent publication although coverage of second generation bikes is better.
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Haynes publishes a manual titled, Kawasaki EX500 (GPZ500S) and ER500 (ER-5) Service and Repair Manual: 1987 to 2005. It has the ISBN number 1844252590. Covers 1987 to 2009 bikes. Haynes also offers the "EX500 (GPZ500S) '87-'08 and ER500 (ER-5) '97-'07" (ISBN number 978 1 84425 777 5) published in 2008. Clymer publishes a manual titled, Kawasaki: Ex500, Gpz500s and Ninja 500R : 1987-2002. It has the ISBN number 0892878428. Covers 1987 to 2009 bikes and is the best choice for first generation bikes. Kawasaki publishes a service manual on the 500 for their dealers. It is also available for sale. Service manuals and their supplements are available from any authorized dealer and may also be available in places like Ebay. The supplemental documentation is provided as a addendum to the service manual. Material contained in a supplement to the service manual supersedes each previous supplement, as well as the service manual itself. Kawasaki manuals may also be purchased through Kawasaki's website. These documents are not distributed for free in a digital format.

All four of these manuals will cover all years of the bike even though they may specify 2005 and 2002 as the last years. The printed manuals can be purchased online through Access to the Cyclepedia Manual can be purchased from their web site.

Which one should I buy?

In this writers option the Cyclepedia is slightly better than the Clymer due to better pictures and electronic format although the Clymer and Haynes manuals can sometimes be found used and cheap. The Clymer is slightly better than the Haynes manual. All however will provide sufficient info to complete most tasks. How-Tos on this site are best used as a complement to a service manual. They are similarly-styled and compliment each other well. Any one can be had for about $20-$30, so they're well worth the money. A manual will pay for itself the first time you find you can skip a dealer visit.

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