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A top of the line and highly desirable headlight

Many EX500s are modified as street fighters for one reason or another, whether intentionally or following a wreck that damages the fairings. When the fairings are removed, the bracket which holds the stock headlight and instruments is bulky and usually removed, so the rider must find a headlight and turn signals that mount somewhere else, such as the forks (see Aftermarket gauges for replacing the stock instruments]]).


Popular headlight makes

Turn signal options

Many of the streetfighter front turn signal options are fork-mounted, so it's important to know the fork measurements of the EX500: 36mm for 1st Generation (1987-1993), and 37mm for 2nd Generation (1994-2009). Two main options: repurposing signals from a different bike, or buying aftermarket offerings. In either case, note the EX500 OEMs are 3-wire turn signals, with the third wire powering running lights in the signals. You either have to find another three-wire signal, or else cap off the wire and give up on having running lights.

When using signals off other bikes

  • If you are using the other bike's full mount and light system, compare your EX's fork diameter to other bikes using Scandalon's motorcycle fork diameter chart to see if the mount is compatible. Note that mounts for slightly larger forks can be shimmed to fit.
  • Make sure to note whether the mounts separate and bolt on to the forks, or if you need to remove the wheel and slide the mount up the fork.
  • If the lights you want to use have the wrong size or type of fork mount, consider buying the signal body/bulb/wires, but mounting it to a new aftermarket fork mount which both matches your fork diameter, and has a socket that matches the bolt for the used light.

Possibly compatible models

  • Suzuki Savage LS650 - long-stem lights on 38mm fork mounts (slide onto forks)

If buying aftermarket signals

  • note whether the signals are DOT approved (if that matters to you)
  • note the measurements of the mounting bolt to ensure you buy the correct fork-mount


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