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finalgears 8-12-2019 10:23 PM

Help! New ignition key doesn't work with fuel cap
New key that locksmith made for me works for ignition but not fuel cap. Bike is from 2009. Lost they key that came with the bike a few days ago at the beach, and after some research, asked a locksmith to come out, pick the fuel cap to create a new key. I'm not sure if there's a code below the fuel cap or if he made the key manually off the impressions, but the key he made only works for the ignition and it doesn't even go in smoothly. Thankfully I had enough gas to get the bike home but now I have a key that works on the ignition and not fuel cap. What should I do? Thanks in advance for your help.

Per my additional research, looks like I can find the code behind the helmet lock but hoping I dont need to hack it off...

The seller who I bought the bike from 2 weeks ago found some spare keys but they also only work on the ignition and not the fuel cap.

Davenay67 8-12-2019 11:34 PM

How long have you owned the bike? Have you ever had to put gas in the tank? Did the ignition key operate the gas cap?

Does the PO know whether separate keys were needed for the gas cap?

finalgears 8-13-2019 12:33 AM

Hi, the key that the PO gave me worked for the ignition and the fuel cap, but I lost that key at the beach. The spare keys only works with the ignition, seat, and helmet lock just not fuel cap so I'm scratching my head wondering what the problem is.

jorge moros 8-13-2019 7:14 AM

Just a thought: spray WD40 through the keyhole and around the key barrel at the gas cap. It happens to my bike that some times when it sits for two or three weeks the gas cap gets dry and its hard to open. I just put a drop of WD40 or light oil and voila, it opens easy. Remember to push down the gas cap when turn the key to release pressure over the locking mechanism.

bpe 8-13-2019 7:26 AM

The best lubricate for a lock cylinder is dry graphite.

ducatiman 8-13-2019 9:19 AM

Another option...remove the helmet lock, the key code stamped on the backside. Have a key made by *correct code*, perhaps that will work in all devices.

I'm not a locksmith by any means...but perhaps there are subtle differences between keys that will "work" in one, and actual, correct cut- to-code keys that work all devices.

Yet another option (hail Mary) ....If you have other spares that are not working the tank cap, submit 1 to a session on an actual grinding wheel type wire brush attachment...this *may* also remove any tiny burrs...enabling its use in the cap. Again, you're in a position here to go to extremes...give it a shot, nada to lose at this point.

Another long shot....insert key into cap...try pushing key in (down) while turning....also pulling key out just a hair before turning. These methods *could* compensate for very subtle differences in "cuts".

Thats all I got. Good luck with it.

Saabnut 8-13-2019 12:28 PM

Since you have a key which will open the helmet lock, then remove the helmet lock. The phillips head screw behind it has blue locktite, so it's a good idea to hit it with some heat. It won't take a lot, but if you don't, there's a good chance you'll strip out the head. The code will be on the back side of the lock body, no need to hack anything apart. Bring that lock, the key which work with it, and know the year, make and model. A good locksmith shouldn't charge you any more than 30 bucks or so to code cut a perfect key. If that is still not working in the cap, then you need to lube up the cap. Remember to push down on the cap when turning the key, this gets the pressure of the lock mechanism and allows it to turn easier.

finalgears 8-13-2019 2:36 PM

Problem solved! Was able to open fuel cap but had to push down VERY hard. Thanks for everyone's help.

ducatiman 8-13-2019 4:37 PM

If thats the case, good time to disassemble, clean and lube the entire inner locking linkage mechanism under the 2 screws/cover. I'd go so far as to buff out the actual locking lip, thus eliminating need for aggressive pushing on cap to release. It should be near effortless.

And the 2 vent flapper valves could be conveniently "lost" if present as well. You are *right there*, after all.

jorge moros 8-14-2019 1:02 AM


Originally Posted by finalgears (Post 919849)
Problem solved! Was able to open fuel cap but had to push down VERY hard. Thanks for everyone's help.

You're welcome! As @ducatiman says, its a good idea to disassembly, clean and lubricate (graphite powder as @bpe suggest) the gas cap. Don't forget to remove the orange discs.


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