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  1. under charging
  2. New EX500: Dead Battery? Faulty Stator? Vote Now On Your Phones
  3. Flush mount turn signals - recommendations?
  4. ex500 remove handlebar switch left
  5. Magnetic switch wires need help troubleshooting
  6. earth ground
  7. Bike doesn't start in gear
  8. Simplifying loom on ex500 trike project
  9. Need a new Stator?
  10. Heated Grips - review/advice
  11. Hooked battery up backwards now no spark
  12. Sidestand kill switch
  13. No power headlight bulb
  14. Intermittent starter circuit fault - help!
  15. Wiring harness replacement.
  16. bulb for headlight - advice?
  17. Wiring harness routing
  18. running lights
  19. LEDs in a dash
  20. Integrated Tail Light Load Resistor
  21. Electrics routing, left side of engine
  22. front turn signal wiring?
  23. Indicator lights not working.
  24. Brake light not working
  25. Front signal light question
  26. Shindengen voltage regulators: SH530 vs Shindengen SH650
  27. Battery questions
  28. Sorting electrics after theft
  29. Singular click from starter solenoid
  30. Melted negative battery terminal
  31. Cable harness support hook short
  32. no spark after engine swap
  33. '95 EX500D does not start, probably no spark...
  34. Front brake dims?
  35. Questions about running/turn signal lights
  36. Starter motor keeps running, even after keying off
  37. 08 ninja 500: dim low beam, flickering high beaam
  38. Wiring Harness and no ignition response
  39. Possible stator problem?
  40. Ignition on !
  41. Need a headlight bulb
  42. Intermittent crank, no start
  43. High Beam Not working on 2009
  44. running light / Turn signal problem solved !!!!!
  45. Alternator rotor
  46. Electrical issues
  47. Click from junction box when starter button is pressed
  48. Fan frequency of running?
  49. Horn trouble.
  50. Gauge lights not working after Hail Storm
  51. '05 Ninja 500 Elect. Problem
  52. Indicators/Blinkers don't flash.
  53. Tail light running light
  54. Alternator issues?
  55. Side stand cut out proper function
  56. no fire constant
  57. Starter button question
  58. Speedo/Tach Ratios
  59. Changing gauges lights colour for ~3USD
  60. Temp gauge
  61. 92 resurrection turn signal pigtail anyone?
  62. resurrected 92 fan wiring help
  63. resurrected 92 ignition module install help
  64. What is this wire?
  65. No power to head light
  66. Anybody convert a race bike to keyless?
  67. sidestand switch gen1 & gen2 - same part?
  68. How does the Reseve Light Unit work on 1st gens? I think its causing problems
  69. SO confused. Please help.
  70. 500 Ninja 2007
  71. Bypassing
  72. No power
  73. No Spark from one coil, Both Coils are good
  74. Single Click from Junction Box, Good Battery, no Start
  75. Resistance at regulator plug
  76. Ex500 2007
  77. Spark issues, PLEASE HELP
  78. Clicking junction
  79. Battery or alternator?
  80. No low beams but high is ok
  81. I am waiting for a starter solenoid or a magnetic starter switch, whatever it is call
  82. LED convertion
  83. Weird Charging issue
  84. Starter won't stop?
  85. Cafe Racer - I screwed up the wiring
  86. Turn signals not working
  87. Up and died
  88. Connector
  89. Ignition again........
  90. Bad Stator and r/r?
  91. anyone know what this wire is for?
  92. Motorcycle Noob + Electrical Questions
  93. Bike has power but no sound at all when pushing the start button!!!!!!!!
  94. Alternator options?
  95. Do I need a higher (Ah) Battery to Run Extra Driving Lights?
  96. Ground wire on thermostat housing frys wen starting bike.
  97. Bad neutral safety switch 2nd gen
  98. eBay special lol
  99. battery replacement
  100. 92 ex500 weird problem
  101. Turn signal wiring colors
  102. Any tutorials on how to tear apart plug boots?
  103. How long will the battery last?
  104. Blinker issue
  105. Simplifying the electrical system
  106. Plastic piece fell out key cylinder
  107. Changed battery still clicks
  108. Strange electrical problem
  109. Headlight wiring help!
  110. Ignition switch
  111. Difficulties with new headlight.
  112. Headlight goes dead but high beams work
  113. connecting a new battery
  114. Junction box clicking
  115. Help! strange electrical problem left me stranded
  116. Aftermarket indicators, one died
  117. cracked stator and flywheel magnet
  118. RPM Guage light and Temp light dont work
  119. Kawasaki KLE500 CDI
  120. Starter relay solenoid
  121. Muti-meter
  122. Bike runs, but no lights or horn or instruments
  123. bad starter from attempting to start w/o gas
  124. EX500 Oil in flywheel compartment / empty battery
  125. Where to find ignition switch plug?
  126. Engine and Electrics both died on the road
  127. Brake light works but running light doesn't?
  128. Friends stolen ex500 recovered! Now, how do we hotwire it?
  129. Stuck Alternator Cover
  130. Mounting turn signal! 'fun'
  131. Front turn signal loom compatibility?
  132. LED drop in H4 Bulbs
  133. ex500a 1990
  134. Can I build a 12 battery from NiMH AA cells?
  135. LED vs. Reserve Lighting Device
  136. Bike won't start without jump
  137. Wire smoking when trying to start the bike.
  138. Voltage Regulator
  139. GPZ500 Loom, Help identifying plugs
  140. Temp Gauge
  141. No spark and weird stuff
  142. New front turn signals are dim
  143. spark plug wires
  144. Starter Button Doing Nothing
  145. Aftermarket pod gauges
  146. Bike Blows Fuse and Dies During Acceleration
  147. tail light works, brake lights (front and rear switch) and parking light doesnt
  148. turn signal wires cut too short
  149. Pass trigger
  150. Blinkers and running lights
  151. Need Help: Harley Style Headlight Wiring for EX500 Streetfighter???
  152. Ignition Switch Replacement
  153. 2009 Ninja 500r wont start. Total noob here, I think the battery has gone bad.
  154. 30A fuse from + battery cable keeps blowing
  155. Blinkers working off and on. Left blinker flashing too fast.
  156. Starter wire gauge
  157. Battery hold down.
  158. 02 ninja 500r wont start
  159. Engine pulse coil
  160. Another flasher question - rear incandescents only
  161. New wiki page: Electrical Connectors
  162. NO pulsing coil
  163. Makeing a custom harness from nothing
  164. electrical trouble
  165. Other people's problems... flasher issue
  166. Lights not working (turn signals and brake)
  167. Clutch safety switch
  168. need wiring order colour codes for ignition module and fuse box
  169. runs good most of the time then engine randomly runs like rev limiter.
  170. Ex500 1992 Wiring To The Ic Igniter
  171. Wiring low beam to stay on with highs...
  172. For some reason, my rear turning signal lights do not work anymore?
  173. where to buy new ignition wires?
  174. Connecting starter relay plug, to existing 2 wires? Current relay only has...
  175. Loose Wire?
  176. Harness Issues
  177. Spark Plug Threaded Insert...
  178. Trouble Starting in (somewhat) Cold Weather
  179. weak electrics
  180. Gen 1 Dash Removal ?
  181. Crazy horn issue
  182. Strange(to me) electrical problem
  183. 2000 ignition troubleshooting
  184. front turn signal finally gave out
  185. adding accessories at a lower voltage?
  186. Gen 1 brake light wiring diagram question.
  187. 1997 ex500 aftermarket ignition
  188. running issues
  189. Bikemaster front turn signal wires?
  190. No running lights or dash backlight
  191. Speedo/Tach working, odometer & trip are not
  192. 1992 EX500 ignition coil resistances
  193. No headlights - Hi/Lo beam indicator steady on
  194. Ducati wiring
  195. No spark mabye bad stator???
  196. Help hid kit in my 500
  197. Tachometer
  198. Need Help Possible electrical issue
  199. looking for help on LED turn signal wiring
  200. Starter Button Problem
  201. LED turn signal relay? and plug assembly?
  202. alternating turn signal mod
  203. Kawasaki ZX Ignition Coil Pack modification.
  204. Bike only has spark sporadically
  205. Repaired ignitor
  206. battery drain??
  207. Horn Upgrade Denali Sound Bomb?
  208. Source for H4 Cree LED headlight bulb?
  209. Wanted: Neutral switch terminal / connector
  210. Lithium Battery for the Ninja 500, any opinions on it?
  211. I just bought a mystery battery...(SigmasTek)
  212. Clicking sounds- bad battery or something else?
  213. Tach jumping and noise
  214. No spark to spark plugs..
  215. Won't turn on (not even lights)
  216. Starter button problem
  217. No blinkers
  218. Hey guys, need help on achiving phone direction guidiance whist riding
  219. Electronic gauge cluster install. Where to mount?
  220. 2ng generation gauge cluster dimensions
  221. Help needed with racing mower project - loom issues....
  222. Anyone know what kind of tail light and turn signal this is?
  223. Decorative LED Strip Lights
  224. Want to replace ignition switch and other locks
  225. 1998 500r wiring
  226. PMR Barswitches
  227. Possible CDI failure on the road
  228. Memorial Day Electrical Dilemma
  229. noob mystery wires
  230. Complete re-wire
  231. Main 30amp fuse keeps blowing
  232. Cell Phone Mount
  233. Electrical questions
  234. Where can I buy new starter solnoid from?
  235. Battery question
  236. Intermittent Cut-out problem
  237. Ground strap on plug wires?
  238. Kickstand switch question
  239. Is there a 12V always on power source in the gauge harness?
  240. Rear turn signal options?
  241. really simple tail light question
  242. Random Display Dashboard Issues, fuses are fine!??
  243. Back Turn Signal Will NOT Stay On, Help Me Fix It!
  244. 02 Ninja 500 back right turn signal will not stay on
  245. 02 Ninja 500 keeps blowing headlights
  246. One cylinder only...bad wire running to the coil?
  247. headlight brackets broken
  249. Starter Solenoid Issue
  250. Tachometer Problem