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Showcase cover image for 2002 ZRX 1200s

General Information

Black & Blue
My 2001 GPz 500s quickly proved to be just a little cramped and underpowered for any great 2 up long distance touring which was something me and Mrs Grem had always intended to do once the kids had grown up. Loved the riding position of the 500 so went for the GPz 1100e which felt similar, albeit a little heavier.
During 2001 I formed a good working relation ship with my local Kawasaki dealer and visited their showroom often. I was always impressed with the ZRX1200s showroom model they'd got in there and would regularly climb aboard, twist the throttle and make "Vroom, Vroom" noises like a small child. Towards the end of the year I was discussing with the sales manager the idea of trading in one or both bikes for a new 2003 model. The 2003 would have been plain blue with matching blue wheels and it was at this point that Mrs Grem said she preferred the showroom bike colours. Long story short, I was offered a huuge discount on the showroom bike which was shortly due to be last years model. Just to sweeten the deal still further I was offered more than I paid for my old 1100 in part exchange. Win, win, where do I sign before you change your mind.
2002 Kawasaki ZRX (Black & Blue)


Wheels stock but with better paint. Avon Storm tyres are my preference for wear, grip and my riding style
+2 on rear sprocket. (Supersprox)
Scottoiler 'cos I'm a lazy git. Also when touring and far from home is easier to keep the transmission properly lubricated.
MRA flip screen.
Not much needed to be done here. I made the discovery that the original Japanese road tester of this bike was about 5'8" and 135lb...not far from my own dimensions. The rear was a little on the firm side although with wear and miles has softened a bit but to offset that, the stock front springs were swapped for progressives.
Seat modified into King & Queen style. Bike is all day comfy, seat wasn't. original seat sloped forwards and was quite slippery. that can be a real pest when riding 2up on rough roads. Both of us found it uncomfortable to keep wriggling backwards like a couple of worms all the while.
Wheel and Tire
4 degree ignition advancer. Bike was originally designed to use cheap shitty Japanese fuel. Out here in the real world an advanced ignition can make better use of higher quality fuels.



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