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General Information

I started building this bike in early 2010, and had it running and rideable November 2012. It is now more or less finished. It's a 500 frame with a 1983 650 motor (actually 673cc), and a whole lot of mods!
1979 Honda CX500 (Black)


Front wheel is a Cognitio Moto 1993-1995 GSXR750 hub with 6/8 Buchanan spokes, laced to a Warp-9 17x3.50 rim. Right now have an Avon Distanzia 120/70/17 on it, but as they're discontinued, I'll be running a Shinko 705 next. Rear wheel is built by disassembling a stock CX500 Comstar, and bolting a pair of moto-synthesis spoke rings to the hub. I had mine drilled for 6/8 spokes, and I laced it to a 17x4.25 Warp-9 rim using Buchanan spokes. Tire is a 150/70/17 Shinko 705
1983 GL650 motor in the 1979 CX500 frame. Murray's Mikuni VM34 round-slide carbs. Custom driveshaft (front half of CX500 driveshaft, back half of GL500 driveshaft), because of the GL500 swingarm that's mounted to the CX500 frame. Exhaust is welded together from mandrel-bent tubing, covered with exhaust wrap, and topped with EMGO reverse cone mufflers. Cooling system is stock for a GL650 (radiator, thermostat, etc). Had to trim tube between engine hanger for it to fit. New clutch plates and EBC heavy duty clutch springs.
Tank is new old stock, oem paint for 1981. Seat is a Guliari vintage aftermarket seat. Gauges (and mini windshield) are stock GL500. Rocker covers and such are painted with VHT metallic gold engine enamel, which is almost a perfect match to the pinstripe color on the tank.
Rear suspension is a GL500 swingarm and Pro-Link monoshock linkage, using a Hayabusa shock. Linkage had to be heavily modified to fit the Hayabusa shock -- GL500 bottom mount was a clevis, and so was the bottom mount of the Hayabusa shock. So I welded an eye to the GL500 linkage. I also slightly changed the angle of the dogbones for more ride height. Front suspension is off a 1994 Suzuki GSXR750. 1993-1995 front ends have cable-drive speedometers with the same ratio as Honda speedometers. This let me retain stock-looking gauges. Bottom bearing is stock CX500 (but a tapered roller bearing), and for the top bearing you can use a 25x48.5x18, all balls p/n: 99-3544. Front engine hanger upper mounts were cut off and welded back on to fit the taller 650 head attachment location. Brakes are 6-pot calipers off a 98 GSXR750, with a radial master cylinder and remote reservoir. Rearsets made with controls from a CX500 Turbo, and footpegs (mounted in the reverse direction) from a GL500. Passenger pegs are Harley items, drilled for metric bolts.
Adjustable brake lever on a GSXR radial master cylinder, clutch lever is stock CX500. Have a leather saddlebag on the left side, tool storage and a phone charger under the seat. Seat is vintage Guliari. Grips... could stand to be replaced.
Wheel and Tire
Plug under the seat for a heated vest. Plug on the battery for a tender. Battery is mounted slung under the engine, protected by a bash plate.



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