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General Information

Flat Metallic Black / Silver
When I dug it out of the back of my friend's garage, it hadn't run in 5 years.
When I got it I had rough plans to update the paint and get it healthy.

I pulled the key code from the helmet lock and had a key made, then proceeded to remove all the plastics, tank, etc.. and updated the colors. She needed some love after sitting so long.

Then I cleaned and rejetted the carbs, did a quick oil change. Also pulled the pipes, cleaned off all the rust, and sprayed them in a matching gunmetal concept.

I made a skull template using an Internet concept image, then sprayed white plastidip over the template on both sides of the tank. This has since been removed...

Found out my fairing mounts weren't in the specified M6, but instead in #12 X 24 screws, so I went ahead and mounted the fairing with the #12 X 24 stainless screws.

Further updates...
Fork seals needed replaced (Done)
Replaced stock bars w/ Woodcraft clip-ons
Replaced stock grips (yep, it still had stock grips)
Replaced stock clutch and brake lever assemblies
Replaced race windscreen with ZeroGravity windscreen
Replaced cheap junk rusty gas cap with nicer cheap gas cap
Added FOG Rear peg brackets
Replaced both front / rear Dunlop stock tires (yep, still had those too)
Replaced stock front blinkers
Upgraded to 650 mirrors
Re-Upholstered the seat
1987 Kawasaki EX500 (Flat Metallic Black / Silver)


Replaced with:
Front: 100/90/16 (Kenda Cruzer)
Rear: 120/90/16 (Installed 130/90/16) (Kenda Cruzer)
Galfer Front Disk
Painted the exhaust with slick black / chrome color scheme
New Chain / Sprocket
HEL Brake Line
Added Zero-Gravity Windscreen
Updated stock blinkers w/ Bullet style
Upgraded to Ninja 650 Mirrors
Gas Cap replaced
Added FOG Rear Peg Brackets
Replaced stock seals with All-Balls racing seals
Re-upholstered seat
Updated Grips
Woodcraft Handlebar Risers & Bars w/ Bullet-style bar-ends
New Titanium clutch / brake lever assembly (rewired clutch switch)
Wheel and Tire
LS2 (Sena) Linkin RidePal in helmet



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