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engine noise
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  1. Engine
    I know I’m a pretty consistent poster when it comes to my noisy bike😂. I’ve just kinda accepted it at this point, but this morning when I was leaving for school, I decided to use choke because it’s coldish outside, even though I keep my bike in the garage. My bike wasn’t a fan of choke though...
  2. Engine
    Post fix edit TLDR: Crankshaft balancer bushings were worn out, as well as the cylinder head bearing surface (and corresponding bearing caps) for the exhaust camshaft. The fix was a new (used) cylinder head and new bushings for the balancer. Hello, My mom has a 2003 EX500 with a loud...
  3. Troubleshooting
    I just recently did spark plugs, kn air filter, oil, carb rebuild, and seafoam. Bike is 2006 with 8500miles. The left cylinder pops when the bike is leaned to the right. Is this something serious or just the normal pop I've heard on this forum that the bike has? YouTube.com
  4. Engine
    I have a 2006 EX500 with less than 5,000 mi on it. I just got it about 2 weeks ago so I've been doing a lot of the maintenance on it. Changed oil and oil filter, changed spark plugs, cleaned spark plug boots and clipped wires, new air filter, adjusted the pilot screws and synced the carbs...
1-4 of 4 Results