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  1. Coolant covers for Ex500

    I recently purchased a 2007 Kawasaki ninja Ex500. I am getting tired of the look of it and want to convert it into a streetfighter, the only thing that I do not like about the streetfighter is the coolant reservoir is exposed. I have seen online other bikes with a cover would anybody know where...
  2. Selling 90 EX500 - 800$ - Mostly Parts

    For Sale
    Selling a running and driving 90 EX500. Newer tires, cleaned carbs, oil changed, chain lubed, valves adjusted, new battery, and filters changed. No title. Numerous Mods performed Modified suspension - Rear is EX250J shock and front is cut and spaced with thicker oil Sintered brake pads with...
  3. Super weird clutch issue, I just cannot figure it out

    First post, I hate to bother guys but Im really stumped on this one. You all are most likely much more informed on these ex's than me. I ride the bigger bikes, the 7r and 9r, however i dont have much knowledge on the 500r's. So here goes the issue at hand, I friend swings by my house on his...
  4. My new $150 toy.. thank god for these forums!

    So I’ve had dirt bikes most of my life up until 5 years ago. Never had a motorcycle or street bike. A buddy of mine had this in a trailer of his. I’ve known the guy for a couple years now and never heard of it till a week ago. Long story short, it belongs to me now. I made him a instant offer...