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  1. Modifications & Upgrades
    Good Afternoon all, Bit new to all this (a few hours into membership at this point!), so hope it's not rude to fire a post like this out of the blue! I've always been a bit of a Kwak purist, with a few 900s and 1100s under my belt, but there's a cost of living crisis on in the UK and I have a...
  2. Engine
    Hello, i am doing engine rebuild on my ER5(35HP) and noticed that my cams are damaged. I know that GPZ500 cams are a bit different and can squeeze a bit power but im not sure wether i need to do some other modifications if i swap the cams only
  3. Modifications & Upgrades
    Got an 09 EX500 this past spring and i love it. I dont feel the need to modify anything except the headlight. Does anyone know of anyone who still sells an aftermarket headlight assembly? Something more modern, or just anything different?
  4. Modifications & Upgrades
    Hi. I want fo change orginal blinkers for some aftermarket smaller ones. I don't want flash mounts or use some plastic cap to use universal ones. I think the z800 blinkers could do the job. What do you think about it. Is there other solution to keep look of the bike smooth?
  5. Modifications & Upgrades
    Hy everybody! I like to do a modification in my GPZ 500. I love the lokking of the belt drive, and its unique looking. I research i lot, and i like to ask all of you, as anibody do something similar. So here is a gpz 500 with a gpx 600 rear swingarm and disc brake. This is an earlier...
  6. Modifications & Upgrades
    Hy everyone! I write this article to share with all of my tuning, and developments of my old 1st gen gpz 500 s. The background live of my bike: 1993 1st gen gpz 500 s, with a 20 kw choke. The last owner had the tipical selfkill gpz issue. The flywheel magnets fly away and kill the bikes engine...
1-6 of 6 Results