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  1. Electrical
    I have a 1993 EX500 that I've been trying to fix up, today was my first startup test and the starter wouldn't turn over and all I got was the clicking noise. I decided to remove the old starter but when I took the Stator cover off to get to the starter all I saw was that one of the flywheel...
  2. Electrical
    Hey everyone. 2001 Ninja 500, about 12k miles. Bike is not charging. While running and idling at 1500, battery is getting maybe 12.5/6V. At 4K rpm it gets to about 13.5/6 assumed stator. Checked AC voltage coming from stator, 18 AC at idle, at 4K RPM I’m only getting about 38 (minimum...
  3. Troubleshooting
    EDIT: solved woodruff key issue, now I’m looking for spark, “ Got that all switched out, tried to fire it up after an oil change, I’m not getting any spark If I did the flywheel mod wrong, will that prevent spark? I believe I had spark before the starter sprocket broke. I was careful with...
  4. Electrical
    Hi, I am a recent proud owner of a 1991 Kawasaki EX-500. I have currently put 430 miles on it. everything checked out at first until the battery suddenly died. no big deal I thought and bought a new one about 100 or so miles later the battery dies again so I pop the cover off and check the...
1-4 of 4 Results