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  1. Suspension,Tires & Chassis
    Long time lurker and a novice to working on this bike. But I’ve been working on this bike after it sat for over a year. Now that it’s time to get the tires off I thought I could do it without a jack. I had a friend push down on the back while I took of the front wheel and didn’t think that once...
  2. Suspension,Tires & Chassis
    Hello all, I'm still really new at this, but it's time to replace the ancient tires on my bike. Knowing what a fraught question this will be, what's the "best" tires for a newbie? In this case, best doesn't mean high performance at a race track, but maybe safe handling in different conditions...
  3. Suspension,Tires & Chassis
    Good Afternoon! I am just a baby in terms of riding/maintaining motorcycles, I just got my license last year! I am loving my bike, and really enjoy riding. I am, however, experiencing some issues that I'm not sure are due to my inexperience, or something else. I bought my 2009 EX500 with 4,000...
1-3 of 3 Results