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my advice, plan your project, work out what you want to do and how your going to do it, go over the bike and find out what you have and what parts you will need, make a list of both and start accumulating the parts in advance of fitting them.
when stripping it down take lots of photos, get a shot of everything where parts go, what their connected to, which way round the bolts go in, which connectors go where, that sort of thing then you have a record for reassembly.
as you strip it down inspect all the parts individually for wear and keep them safe in a container (suggest a big one) keep the parts together it's easy to lose something in the weeks/months between taking off and putting it back on.
inspect every part before assembly and rebuild/renew as required prior to fitting.
set yourself a budget and then double as it always cost twice what you think it will, buy a manual for it ASAP all the data and specs are in there, as well as tips for renewing parts and assembly. that new book will be pretty grubby by the time you have finished (don't ask how I know).
good luck and keep us up to date on progress if you need help just ask.
oh and before I go welcome to the forum.
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