The story:
  • I came into possession of an abandoned 1989 Black/Red EX-500 back in 2013.
    • I came to own the bike via my dad, who came to own the bike after being involved in a site-unseen house purchased for flipping.
    • 17,000 miles on it in 1997; can't recall how I learned this, but I found some online record of the VIN / mileage
    • 19,537 miles on it in 2013; when I acquired it (i.e., ~2,500 miles between 1997-2007, prior to being abandoned)
    • 19,550 miles on it in 2022 (today); 13 miles as I rode around the neighborhood trying to resolve issues.
  • That said, this bike clearly has had very little wear& tear over the last 25 years (and has been essentially stationary for the last 15 years)
  • I was working to restore it with the assistance of those on this forum (thank you)
    • ... and I was starting to see some moderate success (it would start and run fairly well as I cruised around the neighborhood).
  • I attempted to get a (salvage) title issued
    • My dad and I went back and forth with the small-town courthouse (in the jurisdiction of the flipped house) for months
    • They stopped responding and would not issue a salvage title to the bike.
    • I became disheartened, as I had no clear path to titling and licensing the bike to allow street-legal riding.
  • Since that time, the bike has only been rolled in/out of my garage to clean around it.

I'm hoping someone is interested in:
  1. restoring a non-street-legal bike, or
  2. buying a functional bike as a parts bike.

My preference is to sell the bike all together and fully-assembled; however, if there is no interest, then I am open to parting it out piece-by-piece.

For additional background on the troubleshooting journey, here are some links:
* Note - I've re-read what my 2013-self wrote and I'd like to apologize for some of the responses and the heavy d-bag vibe I was giving off *

If there are any questions and/or you'd like better photos of specific areas of the bike, please let me know.

Thank you!