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Hi all, I'm selling my 2004 ex-500. I moved on to a 1998 VFR800 and haven't looked back, so its time to make space in my garage. I bought the bike about 2.5 years ago and have only been able to ride it about 1200 miles because of all the deferred maintenance I had to do to make it reliable again. The bike has about 18,700 miles on it right now. I only have 1 key, it has a clean Oregon title in my name, current tags, and comes with full factory tool kit. Starts first time even in low 40's and idles off choke quickly. It is ready to ride.

I'm asking $2000

The bike has some scrapes on it and the front fairing has a small crack near the turn signal stalks. I only "dropped" it once, and that was earlier this year when it fell off the sidestand when (stupidly) pointed downhill. The clutch lever got bent up and the left bar is bent a little bit. I replaced the levers, but have just been riding around with the bent bar. Bike comes with OEM levers as well, but the clutch lever has the ball end removed and electrical tape covering the sharp end.

Here's the list of things I have done (or payed someone to do) since getting it:

From 1000 miles ago (done by shop):
- New battery (AGM Yuasa)
- New brake pads and fluid front and back
- New spark plugs
- Pilot street radials have about 1000 miles on them (new valve stems as well)
- Changed the spark plug wires, fixing a cold starting problem.

From about 300-500 miles ago:
- Carbs rebuilt earlier this year with all consumables replaced (even sent them to Ducatiman, though he just fixed my braindead mistake and set the base sync + float height)
- Valves adjusted a couple months ago (every single exhaust valve needed adjustment and one intake did too)
- Fresh coolant
- Carbs synchronized and idle set
- Ebay special shorty levers added (comes with OEM ones though)
- Oil change

Extras that come with the bike:
- Chain and sprocket set (OEM gearing with DID o-ring chain)
- Full service manual (en450 generic and ex-500 supplement)
- 1 oil filter
- Extra coolant pipe o-rings (didn't end up replacing them when I did the valve adjustment)
- ex-250j rear shock
- Chin fairing that I never mounted. I might have the bolts laying around for it.
- Extra choke cable bracket that I lost, then found after I had already bought a new one on ebay


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Bike has been sold on Craigslist. Guy in his late 20's came to buy it as his first bike after finishing the MSF class.
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