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87 ex500 in a basement

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Hi, this is my rebuild thread. Bike was left in a field for a few years, then given to me as a wedding present. Intention is to build it up to be a ultra reliable, dialed in performance machine (within it's own limits) to be used at the track, and hopefully raced one day. Also will be nice to keep in the garage for the wife or visiting friends to be able to rip on.

let's see if this photo works to share:
New item by Chris Grannen

Here's a photo album of the progress:

Will update text tomorrow when back @ work.

Initial burning question:
Gen1 vs Gen2 flywheel. is it foolish to leave the gen1 flywheel on for reassembly? See photo album for reference image of current flywheel. some of the reddish coating is flaking on the magnets.

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yeah I can only speak from experience mind you. the stock RR seemed to be working just fine on mine after the rebuild, but 6 months in after leaving the bike stood for two weeks (while on vacation) I came back to a flat battery.
took it off, it was bone dry filled it charged it but even after a 24hr charge it still only read 10v.
one knackered battery at 6months old, got a new gel one (why not) and then proceeded to check out the whole system. turns out the stock RR was overcharging at 17.5v which had boiled the battery buckled the plates and rendered it useless. enter the Mosfet FHO20A RR. instantly got a stable 14v constant charge, now on the 7th year no issues and still have the same battery fitted. Mosfet get's my vote every time.
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Mosfet get's my vote every time.
specifically genuine Shindengen Mosfets
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