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I can only speak for myself when I say that I really don't enjoy receiving PMs from members asking for pics of myself. This has happened on numerous occasions during my two years on this forum. I can laugh about it, but it makes me uncomfortable. I'm certain it makes most women uncomfortable. It means female members are not being taken seriously. I can flirt and have fun like anyone else, and I really do enjoy the innocent word play and sly innuendo, but that does not mean I’ve given an open invitation for a member to start demanding pics from me.

I’m sure some women like the attention of members asking them for pics of themselves and are only too happy to oblige. That’s their prerogative (although I find it sad that any woman should feel the need to be judged acceptable by how she looks). Then there are women like me who have self-respect, a healthy amount of self-worth, and refuse to cater to that type of BS that makes all women look stupid.

Most of those that PM me for pics get the message pretty quickly when I don't reply. My not replying means that I will not entertain your need to see me as a piece of meat. Just because I’m female and I ride a bike doesn’t mean I’m about to don a schoolgirl kilt and thigh-high stiletto boots and pose over the tank of my bike for a bunch of salivating, lonely men to jerk off to. I don’t ride a bike for male attention, or any attention, as a matter of fact. I ride because I want to. Besides, I get enough unwanted attention from slobbering idiots in real life whenever one of them realizes that that rider with curves and long hair is indeed a chick. Unlike real life, on a forum I can’t just flip you a one-finger salute and crack the throttle.

Some members who PM me for pics don’t seem to get the hint that my lack of reply is a firm NO. They become devious. They attempt to disguise their intent. Believe me, I've read it all! (And us women share stories about these silly pic demands, too. Yes, we poke fun at you). They also ask several times until I get pissed off enough to explain to them that they can see all the pics they want of women on bikes. Google has them all categorized for them, no questions asked, no pesky interaction required! Just leave me the hell alone. And for your sake, don’t BS me and further berate and insult me for not pandering to your need to be ingratiated with personal, private images. I’m an intelligent woman and I can easily see through the crap.

Now the next time a new member PMs me for pics of myself, I can simply direct them to this link. And if they still persist, see how quickly I send your PMs to a moderator. Alternatively, I may just quote your PMs and post them here for everyone to read. :)
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