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Adding Phone Mount - Questions about handlebars

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Hey All - newbie question for anyone who can help.

I bought a phone mount that is made by the same company that makes my phone case (Peak Design) - but I'm unsure how exactly to mount it - reason being there is no accessible round bar to attach this mount to. (see pictures below)

I guess my main question is - is it ok/possible to just remove the plastic pieces around the insides of handlebars to access a round bar to mount too? (circled in red in pictures).

If that isnt possible, I'm guessing I just need a new/different phone mount. Any suggestions?

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Simple answer-No. Do you see that little bit of round bar available to left of red circles? That's about it. You can try chopping your mount's width to suit but if you can return it easily, do that.

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but there's probably other ideas if you search
Something I haven't done but I've thought of, if you search "ninja handlebar extension" on eBay you'll find a bunch of listings for that, only for the 650/1000. They basically use the mounting bolt of the handlebar and just go the other way.

I can't imagine the 500 being much different than the 1000/650 as far as handlebar mounting. The issues I could see coming up are; the bolts not being the right thread pitch, the handlebar extension not fitting in the hole where the oe bolt sits, and it may be too long and interfere with either the ignition or gauges.

Or else there's a threaded hole in the clutch lever mount. I'm sure there's an adapter to make the phone mount work.
here's my ram mount setup. i have actually never used it, but i really only ride on local twisties, i guess if i were to go touring it'd probably find more use
ah-good examples from that^ ( Ram mounts)
Or else there's a threaded hole in the clutch lever mount.
That's an interesting avenue that could be ok! or do something with some longer allen screws on the plate mounting.

One thing I must mention because I have forgotten it before :( you need be careful to test the handlebar doesn't swing the thing into the windshield or the tank as you tinker.
Thanks for all the help everyone. The handlebar extender is a very interesting idea - Im going to look into that. I was actually thinking that because the specific mount I have wont fit around the small gap on the left handlebar, I think if I actually take the handlebar off I could fit this mount on then bolt that left handlebar back in - I believe its just that one inside bolt holding it together?

Otherwise if I cant find an extender that fits I may just have to switch to that Ram Mount - I like that setup
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