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any '22/'23 WINTER PROJECTS planned?

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Yup, that time o' year yet again. Anyone? Post up, ok?
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actually owned the predecessor to the RD, the R5, both absolute screamers.
Wheelie kings, as the rider is the center of gravity.
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Revamping my somewhat impacted garage, I rolled a '75 RD350 out. Runs, but needs a piston or bore, as well as a general refurb. However, it does have a virtually perfect tank, "vintage" S&W shocks, chambers and "genuine" K-Mart coils, artfully hose-clamped to the front downtubes. A late-70s, early 80s rat racer. It was a co-worker's college bike (whose wife ordered him to get it out of their garage) and I could not talk him down on the price, so I paid the full $100 he was asking. I have since picked up Wiseco pistons, Boyesen reeds and a K&N - now for the energy and will to wrench on it.

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I had a slightly later version of that, equally ratty lol
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