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I used to mess around with sketching and the like, but I've been away from it for quite a while. In an effort to get back into it and perhaps actually expand my horizons I've been looking into picking up an airbrush and slinging a little paint on the bikes. As bad as the EX and KZ could use paint jobs I figure it'd be a great place to practice (once I throw down a base coat sometime).

Is anyone else into airbrushing, or have you done it before? I'm looking for a jumping point, and while I've read a little and talked to a local guy who does some work (just did another local rider's bike, it looks pretty sharp), I thought I'd bring it up here and see if anyone else is painting. A friend loaned me a Badger compressor and a simple, single action airbrush, but I'm leaning toward getting a different, dual action airbrush so that I can just learn on what I plan to use (I was told that this one would really only be good for arts and crafts stuff).

If you're into it at all, please share any tips and pointers you have, maybe give me some guidance on the best way to start, let me know what to look for in paints and supplies, and definitely show some pictures of your work and whatnot.

Thanks a lot!

A dual action airbrush saves time over a single since you can adjust the airflow and paint mixture quicker. Also duals are generally better quality.

My airbrushing experience is with scale models, and some graphic design. I'm no illustrator, my work is techically sound but OK to look at. Pick from hundreds of online airbrushing tutorials.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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