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I’m new to engine work and could use some guidance on this.

Anyway, I pulled the carbs this past weekend, pulled the pilot jets and soaked and cleaned, sprayed thought the circuits, bowls and every where I could. Did not however pull the main jet (probably should have) cleaned and adjusted the mixture screws to 2.5 and reassembled taking care to keep everything clean The carbs were defiantly altered. The pilot size according to the number on them were (cant remember exactly) either 32 or a 35! I don’t know how aftermarket jets run so I don’t know how they compare to stock (25?).

When I first took the bike out it pulled away like a hog, with a put put put. Am I correct in assuming its running way too rich – I’ve been slowly turning in the pilot screws and its starting to feel better but I keep having to compensate with the idle adjustment to keep it up and idleing smoothly. Is that counter productive with trying to lean out the low end? BTW, the exhaust also smells a little bit like gas.

So am I on the right track with leaning it out and adjusting the idle to compensate? Also, anyone aware of having to change the float height when jetting carbs? I checked and it appeared to be at 15+mm when just turned enough to seat. I didn’t adjust yet figuring there was a good reason.


Sorry, forgot to mention, has a muzzy.
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