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Hi, I've owned a 2002 EX500 for around 6 years. Runs great and been very reliable.

This winter it sat for about 6-8 weeks in a garage with freezing temps & I came back to a sticky throttle. Aside from that, the bike runs fine. However, I've traced the sticky throttle back to a sticky butterfly valve on one of the carbs (it moves, but not freely).

I've removed the carbs and tried pentrating oil overnight on the shaft from inside. Also tried carb cleaner. No changes, remains difficult to move.

From my research, I understand you're not supposed to remove the butterfly valve & shaft, but it can be done.

I'm far from an expert on Carbs - Is removing the butterfly & shaft my only option as a next step and anyone have guidance / advice on the steps for how to go about it? (the screws on the butterfly worry me as understand they're non-standard and thread locked in some way so they can't vibrate out - would I have to drill them and find replacements somewhere?)


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts