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We'd like everyone to have a great experience with EX-500.com, so it's important that everyone follows the basic forum rules listed below. We don't want to micromanage and hope that the following guidelines help keep everything running smoothly, but please be aware that as situations arise, these forum rules may be revised in the future.

1. No Racist or Sexist comments
This pretty much speaks for itself. These kinds of comments, even made in jest are quite hurtful to others. We are a diverse group of riders from all walks of life. Be respectful of others.

2. No harassment
There's no need to harass anyone here. If someone's getting on your nerves, they're probably doing the same to everyone else. Let their actions speak for themselves. Also, opinions are good, and we want them shared - don't hold anyone's opinions against them.

3. No posting of copyrighted material
Posting of copyrighted material not only hurts the publisher of said material, but can mean bad things for us. It will not be tolerated at all.

4. Posting restrictions:

4a. Politics, religion, etc. discussion is restricted. Any discussion that is not motorcycle related that is controversial in nature is restricted to the Political forum ONLY. Do not post any topic or reply that would be considered as such on forums outside the Political forum. Doing so will subject the posting to either be moved or removed at the sole discretion of the administrative staff.

4b. Do not reply to any spam messages. Please report them using the "Report to Moderator" link found in each reply, lower right corner. Replying to spam threads makes removing it just a little more difficult.

5. No commercial advertisement
If you're interested in advertising on EX-500.com, contact us at [email protected]. If you post any form of commercial advertisement to the forum, expect that it will be removed.

6. No direct EBay linking
It's acceptable to post an EBay auction number, but please refrain from posting direct links to EBay items.

7. No public arguments
Debate all you want, but don't let your debate degrade into a volley of personal attacks. Our members are here to read and talk about motorcycles, not get involved in soap opera drama. This includes trolling for a response.

8. Signature Size Limits

Signatures containing photographs are to be no larger than 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall with a max file size of 150kbs

This is so the forum remains clean and easy to read. A larger signature can take up some viewer's entire screen. If you are unable to resize a photograph yourself, please visit our technical support area, post up the picture, and a kind member will be sure to help resize it quickly. Any signature found in violation will be removed at the sole discretion of the administrative staff.

9. No Multiple Accounts
Users are limited to one account per person. Any one person found using more than one log-in will be subject to immediate suspension of all accounts, and duplicate accounts will be deleted. Anyone attempting to circumvent a suspension by activating a new account will be permanently suspended.
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