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Battery problems

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Getting pretty tired of getting batteries that only last a year or so.

Was wondering if anyone knows the difference between a 14Ah battery, and a 14AHL battery.
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I agree with Apriliarider that Yuasa aren't what they used to be. I've had good luck with cheapo batteries from Battery Sharks over the past few years.

Best battery I've ever had is the Duracell in my VFR800. It was in the VFR when I bought it about 6 years ago, and despite not really taking the best car of it, it just keeps going strong.

I strongly prefer AGM over wet cell batteries.
I have had really good luck with my battery's with the exception of when I ordered one, and the "L" was claimed it was "longlife" and it was not it was left positive. I have never had this good of a span on my batteries. and I contribute it to the mosfit voltage regulator and LED's keeping the battery more stable and not charging when not needed. last battery was over 5 years old and still working from the PO. When I got the bike I toped off the acid and had it in there for 2 years after the conversion. (This was all before doing the headlight and taillight parts in LED only the dash and turn signals have been done the whole time I have owned it running.)
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another fan of the Shindengen Mosfet setup here. Now into the 5th season on my '19 Honda original Yuasa AGM, I'm not sure how old my Shorai 's are on both Ducatis but all 3 have Shindengen RR's. Each is rock solid reliable, the LED voltmeter on each assures/confirms all is well. Easily worth the installation/mods, both in price and install complexity.

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