Hey All - I wanted to post here my ad for my Ninja. Great community that I've learned a ton from.

2009 Kawasaki Ninja 500R (EX500D) for sale with 26,500 miles. $3000 obo.

I'm the 3rd owner. Bought it as my first bike in 2017 with about 3k miles and have enjoyed every mile on this bike! It's the best bike for a new rider or for someone who wants something quick enough not to get bored, practical enough to get ~50MPG, simple and inexpensive enough to work on yourself, and comfortable enough to ride for hours at a time without getting sore.

Fresh oil and filter change this month at 26k, new battery in 2020, new chain and sprockets in 2020, new fork seals and oil in 2020, new EBC brake pads front/rear in 2019, and new Michelin Pilot Street tires in 2017. This bike is a breeze to work on and parts are inexpensive. This bike has been well cared for with fresh oil & filter changes every year, regular chain cleaning, and indoor storage under cover on a battery tender over winters.

Comes with spare brake and clutch levers, spare throttle cables, original windscreen, and original tail fender/license plate holder.

Overall the paint is in fair/good condition for the age. I always rode with the bottom fairing removed in order to prevent any chips or damage - it's shown in the first picture and removed in the rest - it will come installed on the bike. All of the imperfections aren't noticeable until standing a few feet away and the sparkle in the paint is still great on the tank. There were some scratches at the bottom of the gas tank where your knee touches the tank when I bought it. There are some minor scuffs where luggage was attached and strapped to the rear side fairings. There is a small scratch on the front wheel fender. The side fairings have cracks starting at the mounting points but does not prevent careful removal and reinstallation.

Only selling since I've upgraded to a new bike. Would love to keep both but this one should go to a good home where it will continue to get ridden.