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Quite possibly the ugliest Ducati built in the modern era. A buddy of mine owned one, and got a personalized plate for it that read UGLYDUC.

He loved it though for all around riding. He did say though, that he felt it was utilitarian rather than a keeper. And he has a garage full of Ducatis at any given time.

This particular one is low mileage for the year, with only 12K on it. Has the full Öhlins suspension of an "S" model and some carbon fiber goodies that did no come stock on the bike. That it is selling for a mere $4950 is indicative of its relative popularity.

Owners who have them, actually love them for what they do, rather than for how they look. While I can appreciate that, I don't actually care for them other than as a prospective "re-engineering" project. And I wouldn't tear apart a pristine one for that.....sean
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