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Brake Pads

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ok my rear brake pads are almost gone (started making scratchy noise) and i'm thinking about replacing both front and rear, what are the options for brake pads for ex500 2005? where about i can get them online or not bother and just go to the dealer for OEM replacementS? I've changed brakes in my cars so i dont think changing them out would be hard. any input will help!

thanks Audirus
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I replaced my pads at 5k miles on the bike - i think that's pretty normal - it depends how you are riding how you are stopping and in what conditions.

My pads are EBC - I think they make good stuff.

Also be careful on that annoying triangle bracket that goes between the swingarm and the wheel on the caliper side - it has alan bolts and make sure you use a good one as to not strip it. My are always real annoying to get off.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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