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Brake Pads

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ok my rear brake pads are almost gone (started making scratchy noise) and i'm thinking about replacing both front and rear, what are the options for brake pads for ex500 2005? where about i can get them online or not bother and just go to the dealer for OEM replacementS? I've changed brakes in my cars so i dont think changing them out would be hard. any input will help!

thanks Audirus
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my rear pads are dragging slightly, not enough to slow the wheel from moving freely but dragging none the less. I rebuilt the caliper, but didn't replace the pads. Are they dragging because the piston is pushed too far out because the pads are worn?

Also, unlike the front caliper, there are no retaining clips on the rear. Are mine missing or are they not used on the rear?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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