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In the town I live in, we've had issues with porch pirates as well as mail box raiders. My neighbor caught a guy going through our mail boxes this past Wednesday. (our 3 mail boxes are all on the same post)

After determining that the mailman hadn't come yet, and no mail was missing, he called the PD. After he told me what went down, we informed the rest of our neighbors to be on the look out for the car, as he managed to get a picture of it.

We talked about getting cameras before, and my wife and I had already done research on the different cameras available. We decided on the Ring brand as they're mostly wireless.

Today I installed one wired camera/spot light combination and another wireless camera on the side of our old Direct TV dish. Also an actual "doorbell" cam that Ring is known for. So 3 in all.

Every inch of the front of my house is now covered by video, including the stand where all our mail boxes are located. Anyone else have experience with this brand? Any 'glitches' we should look out for? ....sean
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