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a reminder that Custom Carb Service is still offering KIT #1 containing:

*24 stainless steel button head (allen) screws (fit diaphragm caps, float bowls and both linkage bars)
*1 genuine Kaw rail filter
*2 orings for float bowls, 2 for pilot screws, 2 for inlet rail, 2 for vent rail (as of 3/15, not in photo)...now 8 total
*2 float valves
* NEW a 2" cutoff piece of .012" guitar string (for clearing pilots to spec) Not in photo. Added as of 5/17/15

These quantities are sufficient to completely split, service and update 1 carb set (both carbs)

PM if interested, $50 shipped USPS right to you in CONUS. In stock and shipping daily.

EDIT: Due to popular demand....I'm making available KIT #2 ... for those not splitting their carbs.
Less parts = lower price

16 stainless allen screws (fit diaphragm caps and float bowls)
2 orings for float bowls, 2 for pilot screws
2 float valves

These quantities are sufficient to service 1 carbset , both carbs

$34 shipped right to you in CONUS

OPTIONAL...add the Kaw rail filter for $9

all are in stock, ready to go, same prices for '17-'18!


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