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In all fairness, my bike has been on a Dyno recently and it turned out to run even better with a slightly more tapered needle and a slightly bigger vacuüm hole in the slide.

To know for sure that the bike runs even better with a set of original carbs, I would have to buy a perfect set and put it on the Dyno again. I'll have to ask for a raise first... 😉
what figures did you get. the mods you did are typical of increasing the flow rate on your underperforming carbs.
just interested. I tried a set of flat slides on the home build. got them close but not close enough for a daily rider.
those carbs are amazing they completely transform how the bike runs instant power with no lag right from idle to full throttle. but at a price of economy. now for the record I'm not saying they made more power or increased revs (just got there a dam site quicker). I have no access to a dyno anyway. but it seemed to completely move the power curve way down the rev range.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts