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Dirty oil level window

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Is there an additive or something that can clean the oil level window or do I have to take the engine apart?
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the oil level window is on the case cover. you can just remove the case cover. Doesn't really involve taking the motor apart.
Drain the oil first.
Off topic, But I would like to hear more about your 17'' suzuki wheels. What model are they off?
awesome thanks mcbiggity

sorry marshall i don't know what bike they came from...I'll try to post pics

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Could be gs wheels, but the front would have to be flipped around as gs brakes are on the right. Could be Bandit 400 wheels, which, IIRC are the same but with the disc on the left. Im even more interested in the rear. Is that a disc brake back there? Both the gs and the bandit have rear discs and I cant quite see in your pic. Tell us more if you can, i have a gs wheel in my workshop and would love to put 17"ers on my '92
i didn't happen to be involved in the wheel switch... but here's the rear brake assembly

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