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disappearing topics

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when you read a thread in "new" and choose later to respond it disappears into the general forums only to be found by searching each one to try and find it.
I have given up several time try ing to help with a picture or a repost only to not be able to find the topic.

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You can follow one that you want to respond to later.

I think what you are hoping for is a latest, or newest to show the most recent but not only show the new ones (once you read it, it's no longer new).
The "New" button will show all the posts that have been made since your last visit, then below that, all the other posts, from newest to oldest.
You can follow, then unfollow any thread at any time, which makes it super easy to find. When you're looking at a thread that interests you, at the very top of the thread, on the right, click "follow" . Then when you click on your avatar, next to the search bar, you can click on "followed" and it will show all the threads you're following.
If you un-check the "Unread" box in the filters menu underneath the "start discussion" button, it will show recent threads that you've already looked at, like the active threads list on the old site. You can then save that as the default filter setup and it should show you what (I think) you want every time.
Yep, when the new forum format took over it didn't work for me at all until I adjusted those filters. Sorry, that was quite a while ago and I can't remember exactly what I changed but try de-selecting everything in that filter menu for starters. I'm living proof that old dogs actually can learn new tricks but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it, lol.
I addition to topics disappearing they are no longer identified in the topic headings so to find a topic , you have to open each forum to find it. many time I just quit

Fog, as thatvolvonut mentioned, there is a way to fix how you are seeing things. Click the "New" button in the upper right, the one next to the "Forums List", "Account Details" and "Site Navigation" buttons.
Once on the page where you are viewing all the new topics, to the immediate upper left of the top most topic, there is a "Filters" button providing a drop down menu. Uncheck the 5 boxes underneath "Show Only". Then, check the 6th (bottom) box which says "Save as default" and then click the green "Filter" button just down and to the right of the "Save as default" check box.
With that done, now when you click on "New", everything will show up in chronological order for latest reply.
Cripes! I thought I was a passenger on this ride, not a driver. I'll try to do what you say but it will prolly get lost in the keying
And what's with the completely un related inclusions into topics like from the MB dealer act?

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