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Does anyone have an extra one of these?

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I need the little metal piece that fits over the rear of the side cover that acts as a nut for the screw that attaches the license plate light cover. Does anyone have an extra one that they would be kind enough to send me?

The part number is 92015-1710, but with shipping it would be $10 for this $.02 part. Unfortunately one of mine fell of and got lost when I had my side covers off. :mad:
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Check your local dealer and just buy one. If I'm understanding the part you're describing, it sounds like a "J" clip. Can't cost too much.

Another thing that might work is to visit a local body shop or shop supplier. Those clips are used all over cars and they may have something around that's just right.
That's true, good suggestion.
I think I know what you are talking about. It is a clip with a nut on one side?

If so - I saw them at my local ACE hardware. I remember because I had just done the undertail on my bike, and they were the same part. You may also want to try a NAPA or Carquest.
Yeah, that's exactly what it is. I didn't think about trying an auto parts place.
steal one off another bike ??? ??? ???
Lucky#13 said:
AA are you a "clepto" ;D
Only if im caught and dubbed so by the state :D
I need to start rollin' with my screwdriver.

AntiAndy said:
steal one off another bike ??? ??? ???
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