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Don't call it a comeback.

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Gonna post my quick little journey from neglected in a garage to being given a new life.
Here is my 01. Payed $600 from my aunt. Was running then stopped. Parked beside a tree. Has been dropped, has no front fairings.

I have a 97 gsxr750 that was a handme down from my step dad. I rode it for a summer with charging issues and tore it down to restore. It's in a corner of my parents shed an hour away and has sadly also been swept up with my many ADD projects.
This opportunity came up and I lunged at it. Haggled and bought and took the bike home in two days.

I'm new to motorcycles but mechanically trained. My dad however has been racing since before I was born and has built and tracked many a bike.

After the initial inspection. Aside from the drop scrapes. I was surprised how clean this thing was. It's been shuffled from garage to garage without being ridden since 2008.

It still had the original tires on it. The DOTs were 4700. They were dried and cracked and tread was starting to separate.

Found a pair of Michelin Pilot Streets for $160 which was a sweet deal. Since used tires were being asked for $200.
I changed the oil. Was told the plugs were new and they looked fairly clean but the left side was dead.(Culprit #1).
Swapped with a new plug and it sparked again. But still wouldn't turn over.

Airbox was clean with a new K&N filter.
Emptied the carb bowls and popped some ether in to see if it was bad gas(was told the gas was brand new). Started. Ran shortly. Died.

Culprit #2(was also told the carbs were just cleaned 🙄)

Cleaned the carbs. Fully.
Tried starting again. Got her going with some more ether. Died again. Took off the tank. Started with ether. Ran fine until the gas ran out.

Culprit #3.
Figured I drain and add fresh better gas. Opened the tank and saw some rust. Checked the petcock filters for blockage. They were fairly clean.
But the rust was leaving flakes in the gas as I drained it.
So the rust has to go. It was pretty scaly in the deep ends.
And here we are.

I currently had 14L of Coca Cola stripping it down. And a box full of nuts and bolts to give it a tumble with after the soak.

I'll keep you posted. If you have any tips. Lay them on me haha!
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