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Thanks guys.

Took the bike out last night. I'm still super happy with it. It was cruising beautifully at 5k rpms in 6th which is indicated 80-85. I thought, "There's no way this is right." Figured it might be geared down and the was speedo off. I popped off the sprocket cover today and it's stock size. Gearing commander says 5k rpm is 84 so the speedo must be pretty much dead on. Not gonna lie, it felt a little slow so I did some acceleration tests. Lets just say at 8,000 feet DA it's as about as fast as a C7 ZR1 Vette at sea level :) I guess it's deceptively fast because of how broad the power band is and it just has no drama. 2nd gear, 5k, whack it open and it doesn't try to wheelie. It just goes. rock solid through the shifts and handles bumps in the road just fine. I can't convey how fun speed triples are. If you've never ridden one, you HAVE to. I don't see how someone can enjoy motorcycles and not like a speed triple. Might not be your favorite bike, but I bet you'll like it.

I don't know what map is on it so I looked into the maps for the arrow low boy exhaust vs the stock exhaust and the fuel and timing tables aren't much different at all. I'm not even going to mess with it.

Ordered my SW Motech saddlebags, and a kaoko throttle lock. Debated on GIVI 3d600 bags or the sw motch bags. I had the GIVI's on the FJ and what I didn't like was how easy they scuffed. The SW install easier, and are cheaper. The SW's are 21 liters vs 25 of the givi. But rarely did I max out the givi bags. If I need more space I'll look into a tail bag. I also plan on a tank bag but I've just hemorrhaged money on this so I'm going to wait. I think just saddlebags will be plenty for the weekend trips I plan on. Just a tire patch kit, small compressor, and change of clothes is all I plan on carrying. I already planned a few 400-500 mile loops. Possible in a day for sure, but I like having the option of stopping if I want.

There's a lot of empty straight highway so hopefully the throttle lock works and is useful. Kaoko uses a friction design instead of a spring like throttle meister. So you can adjust how much pressure is there and always tighten it more if it slips. Super easy to use and you can just roll the throttle closed if you need to without needing to disengage anything. Says it's for CRG bar end mirrors only but I have the triumph accessory bar end mirrors. Hopefully they're the same size. If it's too small, I'll have a friend make me an adapter. If it's too big I'll, mail it to a friend with a lathe. So not really worried about it. It's very nice to have engineer friends access to lathes and a cnc machine :)
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