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Familiar Motorcycles in Paris France.

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Finally going through my pictures from a trip to France I took last fall.

See anything familiar?
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The top two pics (red, blue bikes) are 500s.
Thanks for sharing.

Do you have your trip pics up on a public viewing site anywhere?
i wish they sold peugots and renaults here
^There's a lot of slick European cars they don't sell in North America. There's dozens of small cars with turbo gas and diesel engines I'd love to own.
yeah i know... even ford has some sick cars they sell in austrailia and europe, but wont sell here for some reason... and then they say they are in trouble b.c no one wants to buy their cars..

i want a Ford Falcon GT damnit

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The motorcycles are nice, but I'm surprised you didn't post pictures of some of the cars right next to it to. That it probably the nicest street for car watching I have ever seen.
Point to note on the 500s, twin front discs. Standard on European spec gen 2 bikes, though oddly not on UK bikes until the last couple of years of import (2002 to 2004). My bike is a 2000 model with twin front discs, imported into the UK from mainland Europe when new.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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