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fender eliminator

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do you guys have one ? is it better looking with one ? worth the money ?
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nicoj122 said:

thats where i bought mine from... he's a nice guy and used to post on ex500riders.com
Ditto. It's a nice eliminator for sure. Def. get the one with the light fixture mounts. very clean.
CerialPhreak said:
I lost a nut on the road due to vibrations.
That must have been painful...

Always ALWAYS keep you stock parts around. A bike never sells for more than it's worth even with mods. When you go to trade, put the bike back to stock form and sell the parts individually.
Good plan. I had an issue with my order as well. he and I got it worked out however. not sure what's going on now...

No, nothing that impaired operation. However, the fender is a part of two pieces. the second piece is the only piece that protects the battery and shock. without it, they are completely vulnerable. the other bit of issue i had was the tool storage area became very, VERY dirty. there are wires back there. Water and mud and crud could corrode them. i've seen those who have removed the entire fender who have sealed the area with tin.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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