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fender eliminator

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do you guys have one ? is it better looking with one ? worth the money ?
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So here's my story guys. I did the paypal thing on Ninjacustoms.net on the 3rd of October or thereabouts. I e-mailed the guy and now the website doesn't work and I'm still without my kit. I'm planning on reversing the charge on my plastic tomorrow. does anybody know whats going on?
the index page is borked. The rest of the website is still there. I'm going to send him another e-mail before my dispute goes through on monday. It's kind of irritating though. Under normal circumstances I would just say F-this but I don't want to carve up my stock fender and I don't want to pay double somewhere else. Either way, I sent him another e-mail. So I guess if I don't hear anything by monday I'll send through my dispute and warn others as to the kind of service I've recieved.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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