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So....I have looked through many pages of parts trying to find a few parts that really pop out as the last couple things I want to grab before the season starts...(in June at this point...upstate NY)...and figured why not get some thoughts from people to hopefully get a final thought or maybe stay clear of these or check these outs or what have you.

To set up the image of the bike 2005 Ninja EX 500R so far since buying mid season last year I have... Done sprocketing JT sprockets and D.I.D. chain/ Diablo Rossi 2 tires/ replaced pads/ bought all LED lights including cluster lights/ new signals(3 arrow that flow direction) for front and rear/ mirrors with mirror face indicator and signals/ all panels are off and being painted Jet Black 8555 paint code/ have the rear fender delete to clean that back end up some/ Delkevic 2 to 2 Stainless with 14 inch carbon fiber/ black windscreen/brake and clutch levers are some adjustables that someone put on it...and i believe that's everything in possession. Now most the wiring needs to wait until i get panels back from paint. I don't want to go crazy with carbon fiber and for small accents a nice royal purple and a Kawasaki green are the 2 acceptable choices...i think.

So parts still needed are
Front and rear Foot pegs...rubber is pretty worn and even on some short rides I'll have to stretch my big ol feet because they numb out kinda quick...the issue with deciding is I don't know what shape to avoid...which may help or hinder...i do worry about overly aggressive studded for shin/calf self preservation purposes...

Tank and knee protectors/grips ... No clue if the ones that appear really smooth would add grip or just protect paint...i don't know if too much grip is a thing...not sure if quality is even a concern... Would like Carbon Fiber detail to make the exhaust pop more and I picked up the liquid carbon Ruroc 3.0

Shift and foot brake pads or levers.... Most of what I've noticed when passing seems more relocate or race purpose and dont know enough to know if practical

Lastly grips.... I've seen a bunch i really like but then i don't know if they direct fit mine....if they are actually as good as the description....just not enough experience to make a decision and know it's the right way to go.

So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions or don't use this kind because you did and they sucked please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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