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suggest to not cheap out....get a Yuasa YB14L-A2 AGM
CAREFUL! I only got nine years out of my last one! OK, just joking there. Decided to try a also American-made DEKA ETX15L this time. So far so good.
As to wet clutches, they always stick after sitting. Two methods I use: 1. Engine warmed up and running in neutral. Pull the clutch in, hold it there and rev the bike rapidly a couple of times. The mass of the transmission offers enough resistance so that the plates, with no spring pressure on them, will usually release.
2. Engine off. Put it in first gear, then pull the clutch in and hold it in. Rock the bike back and forth with some gusto and 2-3 tries usually break them free.
It is so nice to have a bike with a dry clutch - but that's another story.
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