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Flush Mount Turn Signals - Safe as Stock?

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IMO the stock turn signals are the most visible and therefore the safest choice for street riding. We all take pride in the way our bikes look and strong arguments can be made for the look of flushmounts. I'm just hoping that riders are considering the risk they are taking if they diminish their ability to communicate with other drivers.

To riders who have made the switch: Are you confident others can see your signals? Have you had any close calls you can trace to drivers not seeing a signal?
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I had a pair of Shock Racing Short signals >>>LINK<<< and i was VERY confident people behind me could see which way i was going. Now, if i were to put something up front, it would have to be able to be seen from at least a 120* angle for me to feel safe and be super super bright. Proton makes a pretty nice one >>>LINK<<<. It has a running lamp feature which is better than no light at all, especially if i ride anytime at night. I haven't seen how bright they are though...
Nobody here uses signals, so I don't know why they'd notice mine. I got rid of my rear signals and integrated them into the taillight and I haven't noticed any problems there. My KZ doesn't even have signals and I've never had a problem (other than the guilt of not signaling since I'm so used to using them with every other vehicle).
Lucky#13 said:
I've been told by others that it gets their attention when they see one side of the tail light bright and the other side flashing. Cagers seem to notice them also....
That reminds me, when I did my integration I also swapped in 1157 equivalent LED units. They're not a lot brighter but they're much crisper in the cycles and seem to keep people attentive.
I guess its not so much that stock signals are really bright, but as we know they are on the end of long stocks. I like when an oncoming driver can immediately process which side is blinking and thereby understand your intent. When the blinkers get closer to the mid-line of the bike, there could be some confusion which could get you hurt. Just food for thought.
If no-one has gotten into any kind of trouble with flushmounts, thats good to know.
Me, I'll err on the side of caution on this one.
Would appreciate some pics, guys.
Brand/model/cost (where) would be helpful for those new to buying such things.
I had flush mounted signals on my bike in the front before I wrecked it, and I really didn't think it was safe. Several times I noticed that people viewing my motorcycle from the opposite side of where the signaling was could not see the signal. For this reason, I'm going to put short stalk signals on or perhaps relocate the flush mounts.

Here's a pic of where my flush mounts were located when I bought the bike. As you can see, if you were looking head on or even slightly to the opposite side of where the signal was blinking, you would not be able to see it because of the shape of the front fairing.
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I think having rear turn-signals away from the center gives rear drivers a better signal.

As to the idea that flush mount front signals not being seen drivers in front...

Seems like it would more important that the people to your right would see your right turn signal.
Then they would have an idea that you are not going in front of them.
People to your left would presume you're going straight, so when you turn right it doesn't matter.

Likewise w/ the left signal. People to the left need to see the signal so they'll know you'll be slowing to turn, so they won't pull out early. Drivers to your front-right can't see the left signal so they'd likely presume you're going straight & so not pull out in front of you.

(Exceptions: the people who don't see cyclists no matter what we do, or don't care even if they do)
I leave the stock signals on all of my bikes for the visibility issues mentioned. Plus, it's unique! 8) ;)
dad said:
I leave the stock signals on all of my bikes for the visibility issues mentioned. Plus, it's unique! 8) ;)
lol yeah very unique :) only 30,000 other bikes have them :p

i have flushmounts, and im not too concerned about it. they are pretty bright. plus HAND SIGNALS.

im much more concerned about someone turning in front of me when im going straight than i am someone going straight before i make a turn.
dragknee said:
Darn drivers now days probably don't even know what the hand signals mean. They see one of us put our left arm straight out and they think we're trying to fly or something!!!!!
I hang short stocks off my license plate braket in the back, and I think they're visibility is high. They're quite bright, LP if I do recall correctly. In the front I mounted flat mount (ie. no stem or what have you) on an angle that makes them visible from a large angle. The only problems I've ever had are from people not seeing me, as opposed to just not seeing my signals. Stupid people.
2 Dogs brings up another area where, the ever active after market bunch tries to separate us from our money, and defy government regulations. Or the other way around , I'm not sure. The Feds have clearly defined the how and where of turn signal placement. For best safety all around. Sorry if that doesn't fit you radical Idea of style.
One of the best advertising gimmicks is to subtly incur that these beauties here are soooo ilegal.

I bought a set of those flush mounts once. they looked so crummy I couldn't bear to use them. all they were good for was to plug the hole in the fairing that the stock ones made when the got ripped off.
It really galls me that these aftermarket mfg rs. insult me with such junk, and I'll include the pipeandajetkitguys too.
I was at WalMart yesterday getting the recommended oil filters for our bikes (SuperTech ST7317) and I saw where they had LED running lights in a couple sizes for $5-7 each. They were red or yellow lensed, flat mount design... running light for trucks.

If they are decent quality a little creativity could make them work as running or turn signals.

None looked like they could do both in a single unit.
I went to our local CycleGear on Friday and checked out what they had to offer. I didn't have time to look at everything there, though I wanted to, but I did notice they had a few LED signal replacements.


That is just one, I think I saw more. The biggest thing I noticed when I swapped my tail from standard bulbs to LEDs was the crispness of the cycle, it didn't fade on and off like a standard bulb, it was just on, then off. With the bulbs I got the brightness didn't change much, probably due to the tail lens, but they're more enunciated.

Another they have:
Hey thanks, NickD... the first ones you listed might be just right for the rear signals.

Wonder if they are always on as running lights, then they flash when you use the turn signal.
That's what I want anyway. More visibility both ways.
Which ones are for the front and which ones are for the back?

Also, does anyone have a fender eliminator kit for the 500?

One more thing, how do you install the LED turn signals front and back? Anyone have an article or anything. Those LED's look like they screw in somewhere but I dont know with the wiring and all how difficult is it to install them?
The LEDs install the same as regular signals, the pictures on that page just don't show the wiring. As for which is front/rear, direct replacements for the rear will only have two wires, they are only used when the signal is on. You can use three wire, you'll just have a leftover wire that won't hurt anything. The front signals, in stock wiring, will have three wires so that the dimmer filament lights when the marker lights are powered, and the brighter filament lights when the signal is activated. You can use a two wire in the front, but you'll lose your marker/parking lights up front, which some people recommend against. People recommend against a lot of things I do, though, so I'll not demand anything ;).

The only change with LEDs is the load on your system, and therefore the load on the blinker relay. If you change nothing but the bulbs/signals they'll blink faster. You can swap a relay to fix it, but I haven't yet found the part number that was once mentioned on the old forum.

As for the fender elim., I think Competition Works is the one that keeps coming up. Quite a few riders, myself included, just cut the old one down ourselves.
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i bought the one that was on the old forum... Ninja Customs i believe. not sure if he's still makin' um.
MrSciTrek said:
Hey thanks, NickD... the first ones you listed might be just right for the rear signals.

Wonder if they are always on as running lights, then they flash when you use the turn signal.
That's what I want anyway. More visibility both ways.
I wasn't even thinking about that when I posted them up, I just remembered seeing a big selection over there. I've seen semi's with dim and bright LEDs in one unit, but I don't know if it was two sets of LEDs or if they have two stage LEDs.

That website is a prime example of (one reason of many) why I like to buy locally. I could tell you exactly which signals are 2 wire and which are 3 wire in a few minutes by walking in, but they don't even mention it in the fine print online.
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