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So I searched around on Google and these forums but I haven't been able to find many pictures of anyone who's done flush mount turn signals. I bought a new upper fairing from Airtech as I bought my bike with a messed up fairing. I've fitted it and I'm about ready to paint but I need to get turn signals...

Does anyone have any pictures of how their turn signals look? Are the stock holes big enough for the flush mounts? Any pictures/commentary would be very helpful! Thanks!

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i have em on my bike. one side sticks out a bit but thats only because the stock signal was ripped off and it messed up the fairing where it was mounted... i gotta go to class now, but ill get a pic for ya when i come back.

i used the LP ones. they were like 10 bucks at a cycle shop

other alternatives ... go to a truck store and get some of those lights they have on top. pretty much the exact same thing IMO. just the LP ones have a "carbon fiber" look to them. and the truck ones are just black.

very easy to install too. drill 2 holes, screw em in, wire the lights. voila!

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maverick9611 said:
don't u want a 3 wire? so they will function as a running light also? :p
The back turn signals on my '05 have just 2 wires each. The front ones have 3 wires: 1 for the turn signal filament, another for the running light filament, and a common ground. Right?

I'd like to to rig up the rear lights to be like the front & have both turn signal & running (parking) lights. Plus, use LED* replacements to gain both visibility and reduce the electrical load.

To do so, a person would need two more 3-wire sockets/lights for the rear, and then run an extra wire to each from the running lights terminal/switch. (or other location?)

If anyone has done this, or can make kits for sale, & can post some "How to" pics it'd be a useful addition to this site.

*Newcomers: LEDs are brighter on less current than standard incandescent bulbs. They also cost more.

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Lacessit said:
I was under the impression that running lights in the rear were not street leagal (which is why your bike only comes with front running lights) Can anyone confirm or deny?
Whoa! Good question. I forgot that a car/truck's rear running are red & turn signals are yellow.
So it figures that a motorcycles might best be the same (by law or to avoid confusion). Nut don't big rig trucks often customize using extra yellow lights alomg with the standard red brake & running lights?

If so then since the regular bike tail light already has thr red running light then the yellow (not white) running lights would be OK. ?? Or, since red light still looks red through a yellow filter, we'd need LED replacement lights with red LEDs always on (running lights) and yellow LEDs for the turn signals.

Bah... speculation. We need the law. Googling...

California Highway patrol- http://www.chp.ca.gov/html/streetlegal.html
I don't know if additional rear lights are considered "tail lights." Seems that they would. ??

The following are Illegal:
---Tail lights other than red (24600 VC).
---Incorrect color of turn signal. It must be white or yellow to the front, red or yellow to the rear (24953 VC).
---Red lights to the front. They are illegal except on emergency vehicles (24003 VC).
---Tail lights that incorporate a bulb with a red tint or coating. In general, custom tail lights that incorporate a clear outer shell and red inner lens are legal (24011 VC). If they don't incorporate reflectors, they must be added to the vehicle (24607 VC).
---Tail lights that are too dim, washed out or show yellow, white or other colors (24600 VC).
---Illegal color of side marker lights. If present, must be yellow in the front and red in the rear (25106, 24003 VC).
---Driving with just parking lights on (24800 VC). Vehicles that have factory-installed automatic daytime running lights must meet federal requirements and are legal.
---Illegal decorative lights (24003 VC). All flashing decorative lights are illegal (25250 VC).

AMA- Oregon laws... didn't see anything at this site:

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If you have 3 wires running lights, 2 wires should be '+' and 1 '-', find which one is which with a battery or multimeter and all you have to do then is to get the 2 '+' side together.

Or you could just not connect the extra '+' wire.
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