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Front forks bent?

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The previous owner went down on the bike and the forks may be bent or just need to be adjusted.
The issue
The front fender is not centered with the tire
When I let go of the bars, the wobble back and forth

The forks seem to work fine as far as up and down.

If I rock the forks will it fix this or does it appear to be more?

Sorry not too clear but I don't know what else to add.

Also when doing the string thing, do you wrap the string around the width of the tire and through the rim a few times to hold it in place then run it forward or around the rubber of the tire and then forward. Sorry I just can picture it.

Thanks for all of the help.
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I have this problem too, I mean the front fender not beign centered, though there is a crack on the left side (when sitting on the bike) where its held on, so i figure its not held on tightly enough to be straight.

I used to have a really bad wobble problem, changing my tires ang getting them alligned took care of that (for the most part i mean, there is still a slight bit of wobble, but not as bad as it was)
I'm glad to see your reading the how toos.
When you rock the forks, while the triple clamps are loose try to turn the tubes in the clamps. if they are bent it will show up then.

On the string thing the string goes around the outside of the back tire and then foward on both sides. a piece of tape will hold it to the tire on the backcenter.

then lay on the ground in the front and pull the strings on both sides taught. Sight down each string and move it till it just touches the front edge of the back tire in the same point up and down as it comes around the backside. Then besure that the string touches nothing else as it comes foward. Then fix it to somthing like a cinder block or somthing heavy but movable.

The Idea here is to show exactlly the path the rear tire is following. and to get it to point straight at the center og the steering head.

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