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My #105 are carefully REFURBED to stock specs, 105 main jets, 38 pilot jets, N16I needles, pilot screws set to 2.5 turns out
(note condition of restored OEM brass tuning components)

Perfect to offer a long service life for any "Pre-gen" employing stock airbox/exhaust EX250 from '88-'07

  • my usual, both machine and handiwork (note like-new condition of all brass components)
  • these feature 3 black braces and cable bracket (pro powdercoated by fellow ninjette member @jkv45)
  • all new o-rings all around with new viton float valves (with dressed seats) installed
  • new stainless steel hardware all around
  • perfect slide action
  • bench synched throttle plates
  • all circuits cleared and confirmed clear
  • wet tested, fuel levels perfect, no leaks
  • bolt-on runners ready to rock, prepped to deliver a long service life
  • you'll need to install just ONCE, set your idle speed & GO
$175 with your trade-in, shipped in CONUS

Please contact via PM here (or email [email protected]) to discuss specifics, or with any further questions, for pics, etc. Members thanks for lookin'.

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