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fs REFURBED carbset #52

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REFURBED, cleaned using a combination of methods...multiple courses (as needed) of soda blasting, heated ultrasonic machine, compressed air, and handiwork. Stock jets and needles , perfect for your stock airbox/exhaust EX (all years). Pilot screws (tamper proof caps removed) set to the accepted 2 1/2 turn starting position.

*stainless steel button head hardware all around (brace threads coated with anti-seize)
* new orings everywhere (ALL fuel and vent rail, float bowl and pilot screw locations)
* new float valves, dressed seats
* new pilot jets
* bench synched
* the fabled Kaw rail filter installed
* nice slide action
* fuel levels carefully set
* all circuits confirmed clear
* wet tested perfect
* will be fine runners with a long service life

SOLD 10/23/17


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^ and answered
as of 10/20....#52 ON HOLD for a member

officially SOLD 10/23
Bought em! And in case anyone was wondering, they're pristine, probably didn't look this good from the factory. Function is flawless, and he even swapped out all the ridiculous hex screws for regular screws (even on the drains!)
thats what we like to hear!

To be clear...replaced the JIC phillips with allen/buttonheads...the drains are original allens from factory

Just for you, @Miskatonic....Austin says......


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