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Found opportunity to scan their old business card from long ago. As the 851 was produced 87-92...the card is somewhere in that vintage. Please excuse my scribble on the backside (Don and Joe were parts guys)

Looka all them Ducatis out front, you can barely make out the front wheel of the '38 BMW in the window display. The good stuff was inside.

Open 7 days! He had amazing stuff you'd see in magazines, unfortunately well before the digi or cell phone camera were around. The cellar was an amazing, museum grade parts collection. Where else you gonna get a perfect fuel tank for your '56 BMW....$30 bucks! And a pushrod for the same bike...IN STOCK, $10 cash ...on a SUNDAY MORNING NO LESS! Truly old school, try that today.

Sal, the owner, well into his 90's now, owns real estate within the town. His properties included an old car dealership down the block...indoor service department held HUNDREDS of salvage bikes. I'll never forget a white, 60's BMW turned upside down there (I was in tears) ...for parts...and many, many obsolete Brit bikes.

Ghost a true legend.

I used to routinely drool there on Sundays.....an education, of sorts. ;D


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