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Has anyone made an electric motorcycle out of there ex500?

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I'm thinking about making an electric motorcycle. The ex500 wasn't the first thing that popped into my head, it's just something I had in the garage. Has anyone tried this here?
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There was one posted on the net somewhere..
Make had a few (Makezine.com)

and there was one on youtube..

Or as the link in the vid says
I'm sure somebody will post it up by Monday, but if not, I've got some photo's of an electric EX500 on my laptop at work.
martbrian said:
I'm thinking about making an electric motorcycle. The ex500 wasn't the first thing that popped into my head, it's just something I had in the garage. Has anyone tried this here?
I like the idea for sharing with my kids when we have a brief ecology unit.

If you look at the competition electric cars that high school & college teams build they have a lot of emphasis on light weight & aerodynamics. It might be worth looking for a blown-engine bike w/ a lighter frame, forks & wheels. Maybe a dirt bike or enduro (total guess) or maybe an old Ninja 250, especially if you're handy with fiberglass or such for dropping wind-resistance...

Maximum efficiency LED lights would be somewhat helpful... and some battery/capacitor research.
Maybe there's already a small high efficiency lawnmower-type engine that could be used to charge batteries for longer trips... like the hybrid cars are doing.

Sounds like a great project!
Yep, I considered the derbi (street and SM) or the aprilia. They of course would be first choice, I just don't have one laying around in the garage. I have been checking on ebay though. I have also considered using a downhill racing bike (mountbike). The only thing is; if it already has a title and previously tagged, there is considerably less trouble getting it lisenced.
Here's a zx900 conversion, stalled due to the owner being out of country. He's got to sort the brakes out, last I heard that was all he needed to get rolling:


And other electric vehicle projects;

http://www.killacycle.com and http://evalbum.com
Thanks Splash, that is the perfect link.
dont think technology is evolved enough for it to make sense to have an electric bike.the guy from the first youtube vid who built his own, todd soemthing, the range is between 20 and 50 miles with a top speed of 70, im guessing thats downhill too..

Like electric cars a couple years ago, poped up over night, everyone was excited for a while, then ralized all the flaws and drawbacks, fad.

would be nic enot to have to rely on oil, but hey, whatcha gonna do.
The electric vehicles have a lot of potential and many times out perform the internal combustion engine, unfortunately, the battery technology is pretty much the problem. There is a NiMH battery that would be a great source, but Citgo holds the patent and will only let producers (Panasonic) make small voltage units. The other is lithium ion (laptop battery), which looks like it may be a good candidate, this is what the new car from the google boys is using.
A few months back there was a magazine article comparing the rate of advancement of various technologies. Seemed like battery technology (power density?) had maybe doubled or tripled in 100 years... WAY behind any of the other things on the list.

OK... here it is on-line:

good article.
Found a Youtube video where a couple guys converted a Honda Rebel to an electric bike.
I'm not a fan of the big batteries on each side of the rear wheel.

WOuld it be an advantage to use deep-cycle marine-trolling batteries?
They're generally fewer amps but they last longer.

See also:
I was reading a magazine where this company took a Mini Cooper and put 140hp electric motors to each wheel for a total of 760hp, it was insane. And the best part was you couldn't tell it was anything special except the wheels stuck out a little bit because of each motor behind each wheel.
Here's an article on that car: http://www.gizmag.com/go/6104/

And the company that did it : http://www.pmlflightlink.com/

I want one ;D
Yeah, that car's sick.
That is really the first well exectuted electric car I've ever seen, wish they'd mass produce such a thing.
check the MIEV project on Mitsubishi side.

They got 2 concepts and one Evo converted to this technology.

Hydro-Quebec did have a functionnal prototype in the mid 1990's the project was referred to as 'moteur-roue Couture' (Couture wheel motor)

It was a Chrysler Intrepid with 2 electric motors like the mini has, a generator and 2 trunks, the generator was putted in place of the car's fuel tank, the batteries were behind the rear seat and the engine bay was emptied of it's content.

Can't find anything on the web though, that project died a mysterious death.. I still have the original pamphlet though, in french ;D

here's the side of the re-branded company : http://www.tech-m4.com/index_en.html

And their most appealing toy : http://www.tech-m4.com/images/pdf/CommuniqudeTM431aout04English.pdf

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My favorite electric vehicle is the Tango.


1/4 mile in 12 seconds flat at 120 mph.
I like it too

But at that price, I'd get an electric T-Rex ;)

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