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Help me with the chain!

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i was lubing my chain the other day and it seemed a little loose, can somebody tell me how much slack i need to have on ex500 and do i measure it on the centerstand or with somebody on the bike? since there might be a difference. and maybe other chain adjustment things i would need to know to tighten it properly.

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Kawasaki EX-500 manual, p. 92

Chain Slack Inspection

-Set the motorcycle up on its center stand
blah, blah..

Rotate rear wheel to find position where chain is tightest, adjust as needed for 35-40 mm (1.4-1.6 inches) midway between sprockets.

Considering that preload is set to compensate for rider weight, rider weight should be a none issue.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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